Monday, July 9, 2007

Where is Mt. Pleasant?

In a way, one might say that Mt. Pleasant is a state of mind as much as a geographical location. It's a neighbourhood that so far has few pretensions, a little down at the heels but well liked, a little laissez-faire but with people keeping an eye out for each other, a mixture of mainly older apartment houses and some remnants of older homes modestly cared for, a place of the greatest diversity of ages and ethnicities you can imagine. On the other hand, the City has designated an actual geographical area to be called Mt. Pleasant. Here's the map they provide on the web page The southern boundary they designate is 16th Avenue. The Northwest part of the map seems to include the southern shore of False Creek. So our neighbourhood is in for some big changes, too.

Google Maps offers a hybrid of linear map and satellite maps. I focused this map query on the northern end of Mt. Pleasant, at Terminal and Main, but you can move around in it and find your own street.

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