Sunday, October 7, 2007

view from the 'hood

Looks like the strike might be settled soon. that'll be good, though i've enjoyed the free range-ness of the park near my home. the dogs seem to like it too. more stuff to smell, more things to roll in. The leaves outside my window are turning, and my downstairs neighbour's patio furniture is buried in fluttery brown and orange. seems like i don't pay too much attention to the goings on in the area, but last week, i went to a healing ceremony in honour of a dear friend who died. a teepee was erected on the front lawn of her apartment building, and tables of food laid out in a common area. cedar boughs decorated the entrances and people drummed and sang and told stories of our beloved sister. She lost one battle, but we are left to remember her by the many that she won. mount pleasant reverberated with the music, laughter and sorrow that sent her on her way, and wrapped us with her memory. Now we are responsible for one another, just as we were before. watch out for one another, we need each other.

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