Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mt.Pleasant Community Planning Meeting

The Mt. Pleasant Community Planning Program will have a meeting September 20, 2009, called "Shopping Area Workshop #4." It will be a continuation of planning to develop Mt. Pleasant's shopping areas.

Workshop #4 will be about the future of Broadway West, UpTown, and Broadway & Fraser shopping areas, and the Main 2nd to 7th Avenues Commercial/Light Industrial Area.

The subject will be locations where change should occur, areas to be served by rapid transit [maybe we can get the 99 to stop at Broadway & Fraser!], sites for building more affordable housing [an SRO is going to be proposed for Broadway and Fraser - will there be enough supportive services to make that work?], or places in need of revitalization.

"Feedback from this workshop will lead to the drafting of design principles and policy plans for the shopping areas in Mt. Pleasant."

Sunday, Sept. 20, 2009
noon to 5 pm
Native Education College
285 East 5th Avenue

Registration required in order to arrange for food and seating. Call 604-829-2004 or email

For more info, visit

The release came from Peter Burch, Planner, Mt. Pleasant Community Planning Program.

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