Friday, January 29, 2010

The Crucifixion of East Van

If you would like to complain about the giant cross now dominating the VCC-Clark Skytrain station, I think this could be a good place to do it.

Here's what I posted.

Incident: Please quickly remove the giant cross with "East Van" written on the back that has suddenly appeared towering over the VCC-Clark Skytrain station. I gather that this is intended to be a work of public art, however, to me it is distressing and offensive. Having spoken to other residents of this neighbourhood, I believe this to be a general sentiment. There was no consultation to my knowledge, and if there had been, the opinion would surely have been against it. We are a highly multicultural neighbourhood, and this monstrous secular installation of a symbol sacred to one religion is insulting to non-Christians and Christians alike. I think we would be happier with some nice flowers on this spot, but if we have to have art, please give us the giant raindrop that was removed from another stop at the behest of TV crews. Unlike the Cross, rain is a universal symbol for Vancouverites.



  1. I live near the sign and we were consulted, even having coffee with the artist and the city. I like the work, including the neighbours I spoke to. I don't agree that most of the neighbourhood would be against this work. Speak for yourself rather than cloaking your views behind a false speaking for your neighbourhood.

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    If you read this, please post a bit more information. How were you invited to the consultation, and what did you like about this work? I am interested in your views and your experience. I am a homeowner four blocks away who received nothing, nor did I see anything posted at the Sky Train stop to invite station users. No one I have talked to heard anything about it before it appeared, and none of them understands how it could have been chosen or likes it at all.

  3. Hi,

    I really like the East Van cross, too, and the impression I get is that the general conensus is in favour of it. I have friends who have made photos of the artwork their profile picture on Facebook they love it so much.

    If you are not one of those who like this artwork, that's too bad, but as the other poster said, don't claim that your views are shared.

  4. My views are shared, even if not by everyone. I see from researching online that there was consultation with a panel from the neighbourhood, but that's not the same thing as letting everyone have a say. What I would like to see in future is that before a work of public art is put up, that as with zoning change requests there should be a sign on the spot for 30 days depicting the proposed work and telling where to send comments, and when a hearing will be held. Then those who feel strongly one way or the other can have their say instead of just a small group who got invited to have tea with the artist. At the end of that time, the public art committee could decide the way it wanted to, but at least they would know how more people feel.

  5. How about painting the cross green?