Monday, June 11, 2007

Mural at Broadway & Prince Albert

There is a mural going up on the side of the little grocery store on the northeast corner of Prince Albert and Broadway (across the street from KFC). The first day I saw anyone working on it, there were several little girls with long-handled rollers putting on the coat of white paint, under supervision of a woman on a wheelchair or electric scooter. Since then, I never see anyone working on it, but little by little it is changing. I asked the woman who runs the store about it. She said that it was organized out of the Mt. Pleasant Neighbourhood House across the street, and that they approached the landlord and got permission to put the mural on the wall. Nobody asked the tenant.

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  1. The mural was just finished on Wednesday June 20. I took some photos which I will post soon. The designer is Leigh Burrows from Reactor Studio. You can read more on their web site