Wednesday, June 27, 2007

parks and trees

Hey, Neighbours,
so a couple of weeks ago, on 7th ave. just a block or so to the west of the park at Fraser between 8th and 9th, a great big old old cedar tree was taken down. its roots were digging into the foundation of the house, and the owners of the house got a city permit to take it down. A few people gathered to watch and say good bye. Some Aboriginal folks brought drums and sang while the arborists did their work. the arborists were gentle with this big old Cedar, and cut it into slabs and hunks so people could take it and use it for something useful. I think quite a lot of the wood went to the Squamish Nation on the north shore, and some of my friends got some good size slabs which they'll use to make tables or stools out of. So, a beautiful long-time home to lots of birds and wee critters left the neighbourhood, but the remains are now in use in the homes of many more people .
it was a rainy cool Friday, and i was working at home. I took the dog out for a walk, and we went by to see who was all gathered to send the old tree on its way. then we went to China Creek park and Seamus ran about with an energetic younger dog for a bit. more about the park on another day, there are softball or soccer games nearly every night now. fun.

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