Saturday, April 11, 2009

Warning about Shoppers Drug Seniors Day Coupons

On the last Thursday in March, I bought $50 worth of goods at Shoppers in order to get the 20% senior discount. They also gave me a coupon worth $10 they said could be used "on your next visit." When I tried to pay with this coupon on my next visit, they told me the coupon was expired. The fine print showed that it had expired on March 29, only three days after it was issued.

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  1. In April, for Seniors Day Shoppers no longer gave out $10 coupons - instead, they gave away $10.08 worth of "permanent" postage stamps (the ones that are still good for domestic letters even if there's a postal increase). This is the first crossover I've seen between their Canada Post franchise and their store business.