Sunday, May 10, 2009

Kingsgate Mall Sold?

This is just gossip at present, from one of the aunties whose nephew works in construction. She says he said that Kingsgate Mall has finally been sold, that the buyer is Jimmy Pattison, and that he is going to change the Buy-Low there to a Save-on-Foods.

My research online shows that that Pattison group includes both Buy-Low and Save-On-Foods, as well as several other named chains. Their site says that they put different stores in different locations, depending on which best suits the conditions in the neighbourhood. So, why would Buy-Low be switched over to Save-On? Maybe the demographic of the neighbourhood going up has something to do with it. Buy-Low has already added a deli section, which is not at all cheap, and a few other hi-end items. Their prices are also higher than the smaller local stores for fruits and vegetables. [They also compete with the downstairs Shoppers Drug for loss-leader grocery items (be sure to check ice cream prices in both stores before deciding where to buy).] I'm wondering if Save-On-Foods is designed for a richer demographic than Buy-Low.

At least it's not an IGA!

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  1. Fun facts about Kingsgate Mall:
    According to one of the Aunties, Mt. Pleasant School used to be where Kingsgate Mall is now. She also says that the diner that used to be there, The Mill, was wonderful for many years, but that the owner gave it to her son and he ran it into the ground. She remembers many wonderful celebrations there. On Mothers Day, for example, there use to be food and flowers given out to mothers. Over the years, there are still some events there, but now with fewer and fewer chairs put out, so people have to stand - and less refreshment and gifts than previously. She really laments the loss of the hot-dog stand.